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Corporate Theme Songs have been an aid in validating companies credibility and professionalism for decades. We have been working with companies to help them achieve that goal. We have made company award banquets and meetings more interesting and fun with the composition of an original theme song. The creation of a theme for your company starts with one idea, motto or catch phrase. We will create a theme song from that idea and make it the "Hit" of your event!

A comfortable control room environment for our clients and staff. 

We cross-platform Mac and Windows based computers for the best sound quality possible. We prefer Digital Performer for Mac. Our Windows based computers are loaded with Samplitude and Gigastudio.


A collection of guitars with interesting stories behind each one.

   Timothy Manfredi.....

Owner Producer Songwriter Performer             

Tim performed with the Danny Gans Show for over 18 years as the guitarist, keyboardist, background vocalist, sequence programmer and band leader. He is now concentrating on music production and song writing in his studio.